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Dave Sadler – Matchbox

Dave Sadler – Matchbox

Dave Sadler is one of those musicians who had the fortune to be born in musical family, and according to his biography, the most influential musician of the 20th century, Johnny Cash is his distant relative. Differently from other artists, Dave gained his musical skills all by himself, i.e. he’s self taught.

Sadler had the opportunity to grow up and to be exposed to the predominant music in the region – the blues. Influenced by B.B. and Elmore, and later by Clapton an Cray, he developed outstanding style, which is an excellent mix of straight up blues and blues rock.

Dave’s third release, entitled “Matchbox” features ten tracks and five of them are original. On the record, he is joined by Jim McCarty, Mel Sarreal, Frank Briggs and Jesse Rocha on drums; James Ryan, Dave Grant and Randy Landas on bass; Phil Clarke on keyboards; Roly Platt on harmonica, Dan Cipriano on horns; Pat Murdoch on guitar and Marvin Taylor on drums.

One of the instumentals on “Matchbox” is the track “Junior’s Jam” and as an original song it is full of solid rhythm. The track is result of really powerful guitar work by Sadler and the drummer Jim McCarty.

Another original is the track “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, which includes James Ryan on the bass and Mel Sarreal with some monster work on the drums. Along with Sadler’s vocals, we have got one more masterpiece.

On “You Put Me Out”, we can see Dave’s astonishing harmonica skills and the amazing work of Phil Clarke on the piano.

The five minute instrumental, “Fourth Street Rockus” is another original track that includes persistent guitar playing.

People Get Ready” is the closing track on the album. The song is considered as one of the best songs ever written and it is even named in the 24th greatest songs of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

Other tracks that “Matchbox” contains are “Cissy Strut”, “Killing Floor”, “I Got All You Need”, “Matchbox” and “You Should’a Known”.


February 23rd, 2015

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