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Toronzo Cannon presents us The Chicago Way

Toronzo Cannon presents us The Chicago Way

Toronzo Cannon is a innovative blues musician, born and raised in Chicago. He’s three in one, a blues guitarist, vocalist and a songwriter.
This outgoing musician released his album The Chicago Way. The album has 11 songs and is the Alligator debut by the electrifying Windy City bluesman, produced by Cannon along with label president Bruce Iglauer. The Chicago Way is an one of a kind album that contains just Cannons original songs. The amazing thing about this album is that it’s based on real life experience, and for that it has so may emotions mixed in the songs. The Chicago Way will make you swing, laugh and cry in the same time. We highly recommend it. This is a “peoples” album, because Cannon found his inspiration when he was a city bus driver on the West Side of Chicago, and turned every day experience in a beautiful music. Jumping from frisky shuffles and hard blues to buttery ballads and funky R&B, you will enjoy the guitar strings, with the very movement he makes. This is the track list:f5e2eb28-aa94-4789-b414-248c7c19471e

  1. The Pain Around Me
  2. Bad Contract
  3. Walk It Off
  4. Fine Seasoned Woman
  5. Jealous Love
  6. Midlife Crisis
  7. Chickens Comin’ Home To Roost
  8. Strength To Survive
  9. When Will You Tell Him About Me ?
  10. Mrs. From Mississippi
  11. I Am

Thumbs up for Toronzo Cannon, we hope that this album will be just a start of his world wide career, because he deserves that international applause.

Milena Staniskovska

March 20th, 2016

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