Vanesa Harbek Is The Girl With The Blues

Vanesa Harbek Is The Girl With The Blues

If you are a fan of good old blues Vanesa Harbek is an artist that you shouldn’t miss. Vanesa Harbek is an outgoing artist, with her impressive guitar and trumpet skills, and the ability to mix blues, soul, and rock and roll, all in beautiful melodies. Besides her musical career this busy girl teaches at UCA -Argentine Catholic University. When you first hear Vanesa singing, the main feeling you get is the passion and rhythm in them. Harbek always plays with her heart, and that is very visible in her CDs “Live in Teatro Gran Rivadavia” and “No es simple vivir” or on English “Is not easy to live”.a0151b_c835d0c326684623a6e66ef59bbe551d

We had that honor to ask Vanesa a couple of questions, to get to know her better and see the blues world with her eyes.
What made you love Blues at the first time?

Well I started playing the piano when I was six years old, because my father plays the piano . But at the age of eleven I listened to Eric Clapton Album “Slowhand” and I felt in love with Blues and with the guitar.


If you have to choose a favourite musician who would it be, and why?

My favorite musician is Eric Clapton because he inspired me to be a blues guitar player.

Tell me about your career, where are you now and where do you see yourself in the near future? Is there a new album coming, or a special event, that your fans should know about?600x600

I am from Argentina, at the moment I live in Buenos Aires , I was touring in January this year to Poland,Germany and Italy and I have been playing in many Latin American Blues Festivals in Chile, Brazil and Paraguay. In July I’m going to play in Mexico in Salvablues Jazz Festival. And in a near future Im thinking of moving to Berlin, I played there in many places and I liked it very much.

Vanesa can you describe your love towards blues in one short sentence ?

Blues is everything for me , it is a pasion and my style of live.


We hope that Vanessa will continue with her work, so she can bring joy with her vivid music style. Blues is in safe hands with Vanesa Harbek.

Milena Staniskovska

April 24th, 2016

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